Our Candles

A LorLen Candle is homemade and hand poured exclusively in our shop in Wilton, Iowa. Candles are availiable in small, medium, and large sizes in jars and tins, or as votives, tea lights, and tarts. We will also fill your own containers, and when your candle runs out, bring your container back to our store for a refill!

LorLen's also offers customized labels on our medium sized candle jars to commemorate an important event or the memory of a special loved one.

LorLen Candles uses 100% soy wax and the finest fragrances available. Using soy wax supports the American farmer, is non-toxic, clean burning, and environmentally friendly. Soy wax burns at lower temperatures than petroleum based wax candles, which ensures the aroma of your LorLen Candle to be consistent during its life. You can also be assured of a more even-burning candle which produces little to no smoke or soot, with minimal wax residue.

At LorLen Candles, we are committed to preserving and protecting the environment and have used soy wax to produce our quality candles since 2000.

LorLen Candles are a GREEN Product!

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